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You may have heard about SMART, PURE or CLEAR goals and literature on these are well worth reading. However I have found that in almost all cases I prefer MT goals.

MT goals are strong and simple enough to be applied by anyone to just about anything.

M stands for Measurable – How will you measure the achievement of the goal?

T stands for Time Dependent – When will you achieve your goal?

So if you can measure your goal and it includes a date so you know when you are aiming to get there, then you have an effective goal.

Examples might include:

By 20th December 2009, I will have researched coaching in the classroom and put my learning into practice with at least one class.

By 31st March 2010 I will have completed 2, out of 3, of my actions on my Performance Management Review .

By 10th July 2010 100% of our staff will respond that they feel valued when surveyed anonymously

MT goals are advocated and explained in detail by Mark Horstman and Mike Auzanne in their engaging podcasts hereherehere and here.

For further inspiration click on the links below:

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