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Who is taking responsibility for your learning?

In Uncategorized on 13 November 2009 at 1:48 pm
Are you in control of your learningFor many teachers, performance management reviews have come and gone for the year. Consider your responses to these questions:
  • Who is in control of your learning choices for the coming year?
  • If not you then who is and what can you do to regain control?
I learn best when I am control and I chose what I learn, when. However, left to my own devices, I would apply a ‘scatter-gun’ approach and end up starting many different learning strands and not finishing any of them satisfactorily.
It helps me to be accountable to someone, but for me to have made the decision for my direction is very influential on my motivation to achieve. Don’t you just hate being told what to do?
I stay in control of my learning by:
  1. Create a Personal Learning Goal
  2. Sharing this plan with someone that I respect and trust (perhaps by agreement at a performance review)
  3. Write out the first steps to achieve my learning goal (action plan) and allocating a reward for achieving each step
  4. Stick the action plan above my desk and review it monthly.
  5. Reward myself for achieving the big and little steps.
In practice, the step I most struggle with is planning my learning. I am great at learning, it is one of my strengths, but like any achievements, I am poor at setting the direction.
Rewarding myself is also a struggle unless I allocate a reward in advance, i.e. in step 3. It helps me to jot down my favourite rewards.
  • What parts of this process are you doing now ?
  • What parts are you avoiding? has more tips for planning you learning.
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