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What have you done recently to create energy?

In Uncategorized on 13 November 2009 at 1:46 pm

light bulb momentIn his latest blog Paul Blogush writes:

"The work that the kids do that is the best is always based on spontaneous ideas, not the ones that are slowly shaped over time, edited and revised.

It seems as though sudden light bulb moments create an energy within them that carries through to the end."

Ain’t it soooo true!

Paul is on the verge of creating an experiment around this observation in his classroom and this got me thinking…

As an activist (and low natural reflector) I tend not to leave much downtime either for myself or those I encourage to learn. However, I too have been experimenting recently and the results have been impressive.

  • Allowing natural pauses during coaching conversations => my learner taking a more leading role in the conversation
  • Allowing time for a room full of learners to play with a new software tool at their own pace => great questions and more learning than if I hand-held them step by step
  • Going for a run after a break of 5 months => 3 quality implementable ideas
  • Cycling to the shops in middle of working day => renewed enthusiasm to engage with task in hand
  • Listening to same CD over and over again on long journeys => amazing creative insights
  • Slowing the pace of my day to day existence => enjoying the time spent with loved ones even if doing no more than cuddled on the sofa watching CBeebies.

Add a comment below to share what have you done recently to create energy.


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