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West Berkshire Council pioneers engagement study in schools

In Uncategorized on 13 November 2009 at 1:44 pm

TeachingScotland_issue32_pg19Today, my friend Sian Bryant sent me an article which supports my conviction that measuring staff satisfaction can really yield value when deciding and prioritising resources.

In West Berkshire some schools have action plans to address issues raised and some have formed working groups to implement changes after their school participated in a staff engagement survey.  Lisa Poole, HR co-ordinator for schools in West Berkshire Council, said "headteachers who had initially not understood the value of an employee survey became “a lot more interested” in the initiative after they had seen the responses from the first survey."

It is really easy to participate in some training because it is ‘in vogue’ or looks interesting, but when was the last time you planned your learning priorities in advance based on quantifiable evidence of ‘need’ rather than ‘want’.

I work with headteachers who are keen to develop their leadership style, but are not sure where to start. With this in mind, I have just created my first set of 360 degree feedback questions designed specifically for school leaders. The questions are based on Emotional Intelligence competencies. The answers will allow school leaders to reflect on the trends and get a deeper understanding of what their staff really think and feel about their leadership style.

Read my top tips for planning your learning here as published this week in GTC Teaching Scotland.


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