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A positive approach to leadership from within

In Uncategorized on 13 November 2009 at 1:43 pm

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This week I have been working with a forward thinking school who have recently established a Staff Welfare Group (SWG) with an aim of increasing the wellbeing of staff. This school knows that with happy, healthy and valued staff everyone benefits.

The school recognised that it needed to bring the Staff Welfare Group and Senior Management Team together to tackle a challenging staff-wide issue and brought me in to facilitate the meeting. A key outcome of the meeting was an action plan which aimed to deliver a measurable improvement over the next six months. There were some great actions within the plan but one interested me most.

The Staff Welfare Group members are positioning themselves as leaders in their school. They will be offering teachers the opportunity for a member of the SWG to participate in, and potentially lead, team meetings monthly. These team meetings are attended by the staff who work with a specific cross section of the student population, typically one-two teachers and about six support staff.

This initiative has many positive benefits including the potential to:
• promote a cross pollination of positivity and increased understanding of the pressures and concerns in other teams
• open up a new face-to-face communication route between the Staff Welfare Group and staff
• increase the support available to new staff in leading their teams from more experienced staff and everyone’s leadership skills benefit

The Staff Welfare group was formed from volunteers and includes a cross section of support staff, administrators, teachers and governors. The majority of members are not managers but they all have the potential to be opinion leaders. I look forward to watching the progress of this initiative and observing how individuals flourish within the leadership roles they are shaping for themselves.


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