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Recipe for success

In Uncategorized on 2 November 2009 at 9:52 pm

a cup of limiting beliefs
150g of belief in yourself
1 inspiring goal
1 dose of reality
2 heaped teaspoons of self worth
3 tablespoons of identity
2 litres of total responsibility
1 notepad and pen

Put your ‘limiting beliefs’ and 75g of ‘belief in yourself’ in a large bowl, stir until all the limiting lumps have gone.

Take your inspiring ‘dream’ goal and finely chop into SMART, CLEAR and PURE performance goals
In a glass jug blend your performance goals with reality
Examine from all angles
Write down what you see, think and feel

Gradually add the contents of the jug into your beliefs, sprinkle on your identity and self worth, then mix carefully
Make a list of all the alternatives, large or small, complete and partial solutions

Take the rest of the ‘belief in yourself’ add to the self motivation mixture, then pour over your total responsibility
Mix together until you feel inspired, eager and ready to continue

Decide which option or options you choose and write them down
Against each option decide and write down your commitment to taking these agreed actions on a one-to-ten scale

Cut into steps and serve as soon as you are ready for the challenge of your first step

Warning: Well made Success will be highly addictive – handle with enthusiasm!

Inspiration from pg 109 Coaching for Performance – John Whitmore


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