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Book Review Power up your mind —Bill Lucas «««««


Power Up Your Mind is an engaging, inspiring page turner which even enticed me to pause and try out several of the suggested exercises. It brings together thinking from industry leaders and helps you to make sense of how your brain works before supporting you to challenge and stretch your learning on the subject.

The lessons learnt in this book are applicable to everyone, anywhere, doing anything. They challenge your limiting beliefs and exercise your creative talents.

The format is innovative and puts into practices many of the concepts that it preaches in an exciting and informative style.

An example of this is the way that mindmaps head up each section. Exercises every couple of pages illuminate the text and to support you to absorb more learning through ‘doing’ and ‘reflecting’. The narrative continually gets your mind to form connections and patterns by referring to earlier chapters and information yet to come.

After reading just the first couple of pages of Power Up Your Mind I quickly bought a second copy of this book for the learning library I have started to create for my team. Out of the three books I have bought, Power Up Your Mind is the book that has engaged my team  most.   

You can buy this book and others recommendations from my website or by clicking here.



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