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An idea shared is an opportunity multiplied

In Uncategorized on 2 November 2009 at 9:43 pm

At the moment I am sharing my business ideas with as many people who want to listen. I am sharing them openly, honestly and without fear of someone ‘stealing’ my idea and I am seeing their response, whether negative or positive, to be a hugely beneficial learning opportunity.


It is amazing how sharing my ideas has had the effect of providing more options and possibilities than I ever imagined could be identified in a 10-15 minute conversation. I am so amazed that I have created the following phrase to describe this affect “an idea shared is an opportunity multiplied©”.


In trying to work out where and why the ‘multiplying magic’ happens I have concluded that your initial ideas are limited by your set of experiences, however broad. But, when you share your complete idea with someone else, they see your idea through different eyes, often backed up with a very different set of life and work experiences. What other people do is apply their experiences to your idea and come up with an improvement on the original be it another application of your idea, added breadth or depth or perhaps an obstacle that you hadn’t previously identified.


I often find that listening to other people talk about themselves and what they do is a great catalyst for developing my own ideas and I frequently have ‘light bulb moments’ in these conversations, but they pale into insignificance next to the power of other people using their thought processes on your idea.


History tells me that I work well when collaborating on an idea. Collaboration, for me, ranges from just speaking my idea out loud to another person to a full blown formal brainstorming session and over the years my husband and family have got very used to being an impromptu sounding board.


On reflection what has stopped me from realizing the ‘multiplying magic’ of sharing ideas is that I didn’t share them openly enough through a lack of self confidence in my ‘big’ idea combined with a fear of a negative reaction or of my idea being belittled in some way.


I would love to know whether it is the conscious or subconscious mind that is able to produce such powerful results, but until I can afford myself the time and space to devote to such thinking or research then I am just happy to remain in awe of the power of sharing ideas. 

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